Gate Project, South Korea

Project Details

The Gate project known as “Cheonilmun” is located in Cheongpyung, Gyunggido, Korea around 50 minutes from Seoul. The purpose of building this structure is to spread the message of Liberty, Peace, Unification and Happiness. The structure is 20.2 meters high and 22.9 meters wide. Flying swans are depicted on the structure which is the symbol of the Unification Church Group, the client of this project.  It is a state of art architectural beauty and a world – class monument, comprising of very intricate architectural details that provide individual meaning to each and every design , symbol and text. It is located amidst lush green mountains providing the passers-by with a serene panoramic view of the surroundings. This structure will be a one of its kind future landmark.The project is been constructed by one of the leading construction company, Sunwon Construction Co. ( a part of Unification Church Group). Al Nasr has collaborated with ILSHINSTONE, a leader in Natural Stone and leading group of companies in Korea.

Al Nasr Marble is proud to have had the honour of supplying Marble in the details of approximately 25,000 m2 of N.W.P comprising of various sizes of cubes and cut-to-size as per the project requirement. These cubes were then sculpted accordingly to the design specifications by the leading sculpture firm Yongam Stone . Al Nasr material “N.W.P” is used for many big projects in South East Asia.


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